Training seems to be easy these days. Im happy with this week. Got solid 106k in with 6 runs.

The last couple of weeks i join Rathfarnham AC on tuesdays for their weekly 2k interval session in bushy park. since weeks i run with them and the workout is a good little weekly review and check of how the form is progressing. when i started to run with the lads my form was weak. nowadays the workout seems to really smooth and i can handle the pace and speed good. thats a brilliant feedback and motivation as im running with a bunch of 2:40-2:50 marathoners. thats gives me real confidence in my training and in the way leading to NYC.

another main point in my training regime these days is a 100 to 110 minutes longish run in corcaigh demesne park every wednesday night. this week i was pretty fatigued and the weather was everything but motivating. on that run i think i really explored 14 different types of rain. the route is on grass and i was really happy with that run because i forced myself the whole time to run slow. it worked out and the time flew buy. legs felt really relaxed afterwards.

coach uli gave me a tough workout for thursday. the first tempo run in my marathon preperation: 30 minutes tempo run. here again i was hitting the target. didnt went out to fast and concentrated on stride and body. workout went well.

saturday was the weekly long run day. as i was over in germany for a wedding i had to get my long run in on saturday morning. i didnt want to rush things so i started my run early. this time i got a light breakfast in and went out. it was a windy but beautiful morning. the legs felt amazingly (and for me surprisingly) good. I ran from my hometown through the forrests to our neighbourhood village and ran the course of the heuchelberglauf (a nice regional hill race). it is a 11,7k loop on forrest roads. i ran the loop twice and after a little drink and gel stop at the local bakery i ran home with a nice progression for the last hour. full run was 2:45h.

sunday was planned to be a rest day. i couldnt really rest as i was playing tennis early in the morning then went for a little swim in the local pool and after that i could resist to play football with the lads.

Week 36 – 2009
Total 106k. – 6 runs
9 Weeks to NYC Marathon
Monday – easy 14k.
Tuesday – 2K repeats 17k.
Wednesday – easy long 19k.
Thursday – pace run 15k.
Friday – easy 6k.
Saturday – long run 35k.
Sunday – rest day XT tennis, swim, football