About a year ago I had the chance to exam one of Jabra’s first headsets that were constructed to suit athlete requirements. While the fit of this wireless earpiece was exceptionally good, the sound characteristic of this model didn’t really go together with the positive résumé in the other test-sectors. So here we go again with a new and more developed model.

For me, a perfect fit is the most important character of an earpiece you are going to use while working out. I tested the Jabra Sport Rox Wireless while running and during mountainbike rides. You guys won’t be surprised when I tell you, that again, they did a spotless job when it comes down to the proper fitting. There might one set of earlobes around that are not able to hold these pieces. With all those ear-wings and ear-gels enclosed, it is stress-free to modify the pieces to your particular needs. It didn’t take me too long to find my size and consequently set up these pieces. As experienced before, it’ll took me 2-3 runs and I discovered the best way for me. Since then it is a no brainer and I do not have to touch them during running or biking.

Obviously upright sound is something that is significant with a piece of headphones. While the old model was shocking the Jabra Sport Rox Wireless enhanced a lot. The change is enormous and the sound atmosphere is pretty much down to what you want while running. A fine, crisp and bass sound. This time it is not only fun to wear them, it is also fun to listen. 

Slick training buds minus nasty cables – me likes.
Control music playback, volume, and take calls with a quick tap on the earbuds.
What’s in the box? Protective Bag, earwings and an eargel pack. Everything you need to customise your earpiece. 
Want to pause the song? Clip the earbuds together around your neck to save battery. Pull them apart, and they’re ready to run as soon as you are.
Some tech facts: Talk time: up to 5.5 hours, stand-by time: Up to 432 hours and music play time: 5.5 hours. Bluetooth version: 4.0 and Mini-USB to recharge the piece.
The Jabra is an expertly designed Bluetooth earphone pair. Great look and proper quality build. Sweat- and stormproofed on top.
Very simple – just tap Jabra Sport Rox Wireless to pair fast and easily.
They call them „EarWings™“
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