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Racereport 2015-02: 33rd Rheinzaberner Winterlaufserie -15k

Working on my Yūki Kawauchi mimic.

A fine racing routine is something that gets me going. I do love competing. Without a real training crowd for speed sessions there is no real substitute to racing. I do like the kick and enthusiasm of a race, even when I’m not at a 100% fitness level. My man Uli transcribed a good piece about “Racing lots” on the re-established blog. I haven’t posted yet. I will do so after Uli posts his first sub-36 10k. However, I’m working on getting a slot for NYC 😉

After Tuesdays 10k and the rest of the week working in Slovenia (including some nasty food poising) my motivation was high. With the 33rd running of the 3-race series, the competition in the south-east of Rhineland-Palatinate is alteady a true classic in the running-schedule. More then 900 racers lined up and a pretty fit field took on the 2-loop course.

A pretty hefty breeze shaped a hard-hitting environment and a true draft fest. I got lost in between groups but could get back from a low point at around 11k. 56:48 (Strava) showed the display of the finish-line chronometer, which is OK for the conditions and the recent fitness. 

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