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Tempo, tempo…

like last week, thursday was a “fast” day for me. since 4 days the weather is stunning. sunshine and 18 °C – perfect training weather over here.

after 20 minutes warm-up with some strides and technique training i went out for a 30 minutes tempo run on the back roads. like last week i tried to start of with a fast but very controlled pace. i focused on stride and arm technique.

my tempo-run route is pretty flat, only at the end of the course there are some steep brigdes. as always i turned around in front of the famous K-Club golf course (Ryder Cup venue in 2007). the first 20 minutes of the run flew buy and i felt good.

Since i increased the mileage the problems with my right calf stopped. its crazy – little running hurts my body more than huge mileage and intensive workouts. at all i shouldnt overdo it. It a very thin line with running and marathon training.

i pushed hard for the last 10 minutes and went “flat out” for the last 5 minutes. during the end i felt that my brain “reacts” better to the pain. since running more less regular hard and intensive workouts i can feel the reaction and the willingness. thats what training is about.

Final mileage for the day: 14 kilometres

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