It is late again. But not too late.

As i shut down the PC i look out the window. The sun is up and shining. A bit windy but the clear sky and the strong June sun draw a beautiful picture.

I rush to get changed. Work is over for today. Another day in the office finished.

T2 for me. After cycling to work in the morning i cannot wait to get back on the bike again. Back out on the lonely and ruff irish backroads. Back out again to breath the fresh clean air.

The sound of the cleats hitting the pedals makes me switch off. Im cruising over the empty car park towards the main road. A look left, a look right – i get the legs turning and switch on the i.pod.

It is not busy at this stage of the day. I make my way past horses and cows towards the Antrim hills.

It is still bright. Up here in the north of Ireland the days are long. The sun will eventually set at around 10pm. No rush for me so.

An old rusty sign beside the road tells me to go left towards Belfast. The road to the right will lead to a place i have never heard before. I go right.

3 hours later as i roll down the road towards my house the street lights switch on.
It is late now. But it is never too late…