this friday was time for some speedwork. i warmed up for 20 minutes and went on with 2 X 15 minutes on 10 k speed. the legs were pretty sore on the last 15 minutes.

as i was going out with some friends on friday night in belfast i got nice 90 minutes in on saturday morning. i was running along the river lagan. a really nice route. on a very steep hill beside the queens university i did 10 X 80 meters hill sprints.

sunday i joined a little group in phoenix park for the long run. we went out on a relaxed speed for the first loop and then slightly builded up. after 30 k i was on my own and speeded up again. so i got the last 5 kilometeres in 20 minutes in the box. i felt very relaxed on the whole run. a good muddy workout.