the weeks are flying by at the moment.

as always i took it easy on monday evening. i was jogging for 60 minutes and did a good long stretch session after the workout. i still have simo’s statement in my mind. he overtook me in raheny and later he told me my running style looked very stiff. and its true. if i want to avoid injuries and gain a better run technique i definitely have to maintain the flexibility of my muscles. that means more stretching and more stretching and more stretching and more stretching…

as always tuesday was my “rest day”, that means i play 6-a-side football with colleagues for 90 minutes. good fun and serious sprinting involved in that.

on wednesday i met up with rob and a group of runners. we started in tallaght and did a really nice 95 minutes hill session in the “tallaght hills”. very enjoyable but my legs were still a bit fatigued from last sundays raheny race.

thursday weather was very irish again. strong winds were my main enemy for the session. i was running a flat loop beside the liffey channel. the tempo was a bit faster (moderate pace) and my legs responded very good. overall i was very tired. lack of sleep during the week could be the reason for that. at the end i had 65 minutes on the clock.

So far I have 40k in my legs this week. on the weekend i gonna get some long runs in – keep on running. 64 days to rotterdam!