Plenty of prototype-stalking Insta accounts were intensively hyping Skechers up-to-the-minute response to Nikes newest carbon trampoline technique. Skechers sponsored Elites were seen using a architype model with an interesting previously unseen sole making. This plain fact is enough to commonly cause proper uproar amongst social media. Every product that attempts to test Nikes radical newfangled carbon technique and high-stacked Zoom X foam is hailed. I was lucky to get my hand on the long anticipated GOrun Razor 3 by US-Giant Skeckers to see what the hassle is all about.

The first thing that strikes is the plain net weightiness. I was well astounded when I received the parcel and subsequently picked up the shoes. My US13-sized kicks weighted in with a mere of 186 grams. Quite impressive considering the well cushioned base of the Razor 3.
A detailed view to expose the pretty breathable and thin upper that covers a pretty medium sized toe box. But as the upper material is pretty flexible fitting was no problem for me.
Middle Class – But then again what is all that sole talk about? This in particular is the high spot of this model and at this time the vital matter that pretty much enlightens the modern running shoe generation. The industry and customers alike keenly anticipated Skechers response to the bulky midsole drift. Skechers newest sole sector goes by the name of “Hyper Burst” and bids for some outstanding cushioning paired with a noteworthy spring. Even though there is no carbon platter segment in this shoe (…yet), the rebound is momentous and pretty exciting.
Bootlaces – Something that I liked and relish a lot is the tongue of the GOrun Razor 3 Hyper. It is particularly wide and, most importantly, super thin and comfortable. Having enjoyed thin soles in the past, a problem sometimes was that the sole did not stay in place which is not the case with this shoe. Its properly fixed with in the construction and stays in place nicely.
In progress of this assessment I was using this shoe for road tempo workouts but nowadays it is in use for virtually all kinds of runs. Predominantly on the treadmill I seem to like it the most. A upright measure for the provided cushion harmonizing with a great fit and valuable stride support.
Out and about – Well, this is apparently a road running shoe. Traction and comfort on the tarmac is class, even throughout rainy runs that can cause some unsteadiness. Generally the mix of the soft foam and the outsole design goes well together. I’m a front foot striker so after about 100 kilometers there some wear and tear noticeable.
Inside look…
Unquestionably Skechers stays true to their latest design approach. Even though some prototypes of this shoe displayed uncommon paint jobs, the serial model comes in a style the company is known for. All Skeckers models in the Performance range follow the same line with big style logos. As always it is a pretty personal thing to discuss design and everyone has an opinion.
What has to be lined out is that the big letters do not cover ventilation as suspected by many. Some are even located to improve firmness specifically on the lateral portions of the shoe.
Flimflam – Certainly this hype seems to be real. With the newest publication to the performance section Skechers surely hits the right note to please and even amaze serious runners. The utter grace matched with daunting cushioning shapes a enchanting training partner. Bearing in mind the substantial little price tag on the GOrun Razor 3 Hyper this shoe is a winner. The heart and sole is the foam and it is fairly firm, but it takes the hard edge off the pavement. The lightweight style is followed through and balanced with the great foam placement. This creates a shoe that is enjoyable and steadfast. Another step for Skechers and their approach to conquer the running world with high quality running shoes. Well done.

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