They call him “The King” – Anders Börje Salming is a Swedish retired ice hockey player. To hockey fans around the world Salming is widely known as the first European player to make an significant impact in the NHL. He retired from the game in 1993 and was then introduced to the Hall of Fame. Furthermore he was named one of the ‘100 Greatest NHL Players’ in the leagues history. Salming does not own the company nowadays but still holds shares in the company.
Salming first started with an underwear brand in 2001. He then went on to produce floor ball and handball products. Since a couple of years the brand is widely recognized for its running products. I had the chance to examine their latest 185g running flat – Race 5
The Salming Race 5 is clearly made for race day. With its basic, simple and light approach he not only looks fast. 
Proud Swedes – the yellow and blue of the Swedish national flag can be found on the tongue of the shoe. A display of national pride and heritage. Nowaday the company is based in Askim, Sweden. 
Characteristics of a true race shoe: 16 mm high at the center of heel and 11 mm at ball of foot. A sweet 5 mm drop. The midsole is called “RunLite” and provides a nice touch of responsiveness paired with a great flexibility 
It is pretty clear what the Race 5 is made for. Proper uptempo runs in training and road racing from 5K to the marathon.
The distinctive color goes by the name of Ceramic Green. Paired with the flashy geometry it certainly sticks out. The darker graphic patches are made of reflective material and the shoe pretty visible in the dark. A pretty taky feature. 
A sole design that is made for fast running on the roads. I enjoyed the simple design and the grip while running on tarmac was excellent. 
DROP 5MM – Salmings’ standard heel to toe drop of 5 mm is ment to support a natural running posture. I wouldn’t mind if they would go even lower on such a racing specific shoe. 
A snug upper that i felt very comfortable in. I liked the shape of the shoe and the low to the ground feeling it provides. In case you are not able to use Google, Salming incorporated their web-adress on a pretty prominent spot of the shoe. 
While dark during daylight, the dark patches reflect during nicht runs. 
Fast and pretty furious. I like the Race 5 not only for racing. Even though the shoe does not provide much cushion  i enjoy the direct feeling of this race flat during easier runs.