Going low – On enters the speedy and minimalistic racing flats sphere with their latest model called Cloudrush.  
Swiss Engineering – The distinctive On design is hard to oversee. As usual, style is down to discussion. Personally i like the unique and clean appearance of the shoe. On sticks out and already has its own niche. 
Exoskeleton design – The comb-like design of the outer material raises eyebrows. On calls the structure and the idea behind this “Taping”. An all-new upper creation ensures that the runners foot stays in place during sessions and faster runs. What certainly sticks out is the fit even when the shoe is not tight laced. A benefit when it comes to the use of bendy lock laces commonly used in Triathlon.
Front row – to read more about On and their company history check my recent Cloudflow review!
On’s latest model replaces the popular Cloudracer with an even simpler and lighter approach. This will benefit runners that like to train and run fast. A nice little detail are little reflective details on the upper.   
Despite not holding back with the amount of logos throughout the shoe, it still looks classy and stylish. 
220 grams is not much. Still the 18 low-abrasion rubber elements called “clouds” provide enough cushion and a very pleasant rebound. For a racing shoe this is something that certainly sticks out. 
While the shoe laces are unrationally long (i had to cut quite a fair bit…) the tongue is one of my favorite parts of the shoe. As stupid as it sounds, but with its lightness and great breathability it is something else.
If something makes an On shoe special then it is, without a doubt, the sole. While the traction is perfect on roads and gravel trails it is not really a shoe that likes to go off-road.
Bounce – Sometimes it is crazy what elevates out of a garden hose. The little “clouds” provide the cushion and deliver a good kick-back feeling. Out of all On models the Cloudrush does have the lowest chambers. Logically that makes the shoe less prone to stones or wood that can be stuck in and between chambers sometimes. 
More details of the distinctive “clouds” along the base of this neutral shoe. 
Full gas – a very, light and comfy midsole provides a great set-up for faster runs. The Cloudrush certainly feels very stable and dynamic as the foot is locked in nicely to provide a dynamic and natural stride. A Stack Height of 21mm at the heel and 16mm on the forefoot make up for a 5mm Heel-toe offset. A set-up for fast runs! 
I felt comfortable from the first run. It is great to have a lightweight shoe with such a direct attitude and cushion that gives you certain flexibility. While the shoe is made for racing or speed workouts i also preferred it for everyday runs. It is nice and light and still comfortable. Heads up to another well shaped On model.