Oh you sweet-smelling jaysus of discerning path and off-path jogging. These are some remarkable ordnances to praise you in the most commendable of all ways.

Approximately 5 (Yes, five!) charming ounces of racing shoe sanity. Just as you praise it. No drop. Modest and lean cushion. Beautiful thin outer and a design and color blend that just stands out from all who do not believe.

Admiration, applause, recommendation!

CLIP OF THE DAY: Can’t get enough of “The Speed Project” clip. 41 con­sec­u­tive hours run­ning from Santa Monica Pier to the Las Vegas Strip. All documented in style HERE. And while youre at it – go and check Figub Brazlevic – The Missin’ Flava ft. MC Rene. Reen is still the man!