I can not really remember how long ago i started running. But i can still remember the purchase of one of my first running shoes. Back at the time i was searching for a reliable allrounder. I ended up buying the 890 from New Balance. This shoe lastet forever. Once it gave up it was a no-brainer for me to buy another pair. NB discontinued this model series a couple of years ago. Now they came back with 6th edition of this vastly popular shoe.
Design wise the latest 890 is a keeper. The upper and the colourways (pictured is White Munsell with Black and Hi-Lite) create a nice and clean looking piece of running equipment. After years of questionable design approaches, New Balance seemed to have finally found a nice and unique design approach.
At first the 890 felt a bit stiff. This changed after 2-3 runs. Nowadays it is my daily go-to trainer that caters my daily work commute runs and longer tempo runs.
I like that NB stays true to their rich running history. The brand hails from the running crazy Boston-area and never forgot that it was the vibrant running scene that helped them to become the brand they are today. In the 1970s, Greater Boston saw an explosion of runners in the area, a trend that drastically boosted business. Since their original Trackster had branded New Balance sneakers as the only running shoe, the company ran ad campaigns to follow suit. They stood firm in their belief that the most important part of a running shoe was the fit and comfort, a value that customers loved then and now.
Unique podular structure maintains notion of full ground contact geometries, preserving the purity of the originally coveted 890 ride.
The blue pattern on the outsole not only sticks out with its color, it also provides great stability in the mid foot area. Something i really felt and enjoyed. Usually im not a big fan of stabilization but this feature certainly is likable.
The sole design is a classic one that helps runners while running on the street. While the appearance might be a bit stiff, i like the direct feeling when hitting the ground.
New Balance was founded in 1906 by English born William J. Riley. The companies main focus was orthopedic products and specializing in arch supports. In 1934 William Riley joined with Arthur Hall, who sold supports to people that had jobs on their feet all day, for example police officers.
With its 6th version, the 890 might be the longest build running shoe in NB’s portfolio.
Running in the latest 890 now for several weeks, im happy that New Balance continued with this model series. For me, it is an absolute no-brainer and a shoe that caters so many aspects while road running.

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