Here you go with an update of New Balance’s classic road racing version, the 1600 series.

For me it was love at the first run. The new-fangled RC1600 in the current “v2” version is some performance-driven racing flat. Indisputably not made for easy training days. If there is one thing this shoe does not boost, then it is a gentle pace. The direct-to-the-ground feeling and the unreal lightness of 156 grams make up for a set-up that is the definition of a no-compromise road-racing shoe.

Still this featherlight piece does have some cushioning. The so-called “REVlite” midsole provides a great dose of cushioning and ensures proper durability and exactly the responsiveness you need with a shoe like this. I liked the feel and the protection that the sole provides. Compared to the older version the sole is a little bit softer. I found it nicer and can more relate to the current feel and “bounce”.

Another well-constructed feature is the overall shape and composition of the shoes upper material. A very distinctive character that get supported with beautifully thin and no-sew overlays. The medium Toe-Box Height is just perfect and gives a nice Sock-Like Fit. Definitely a shoe that is runnable without socks. To me the shape was amazingly fine with the comfortable material of the tongue and the mesh that has been used. There have been some issues with the new designed tongue design with this model. To me it is an improvement to the latest version of the 1600.

The outsole is a great gimmick, as I loved the shoes traction on the track as well as on speedy road workouts. The natural environment is the road and the track; there is no doubt about it. But as the latest SwimRun specific shoe test by revealed, the 1600V2 is also an optimal pick for my much-loved sport of SwimRunning.

This is one beautiful looking and highly versatile Racing Flat. Thumbs up from my side.

Slick design with lightweight yet
responsive cushioning

Racing delights. Take ’em to the streets!

DynaRite sole. Lightweight traction.

Beautifully set up no-sew overlays

REVlite midsole cushioning ensures durability and responsiveness

Fly by in style.
Lovely details that actually do the job.

Well designed sole for fast road racing.