This is Hoka One One’s latest running shoe creation is named Hupana. Sure as shooting this one does stick out in the Hoka armoury. The sleek and plain looking appears to be special in the companies current collection. If there has ever been a niche for “running and everyday shoes”, this one wants to fit right in there. As (hopefully) just about every reader of this blog sees running is an everyday action this category seems to be a particular treat. 
Style, cushioning and performance can go together. This is what Hoka tries to achieve with their latest model.
Unwovement  – A feature that is currently very popular amongst many shoe manufacturers are knitted fabrics that are used for the upper. Hoka did a good job on the Hupana and you can feel the breathability while running. Some other big benefit is the astonishing fit which I like a lot. The flexible material help to create a glove like fit. However i would not urge to run this shoe through puddles or wet terrain.
Front end details – The lacing at the front of the shoe
Primal – The sole will always be the central part of a running shoe. While Hoka had their fair share in the maximising trend they go less large here. After the Tracer the Hupana is the “flattest” model in their collection. With a 20mm height on the forefoot and 25 mm on the back the shoe comes in with a 5 mm drop. I liked the outsole that created pretty responsive feeling.
The field of use seems to be wide open for the Hupana. I used the shoe for intervals and long runs. Nevertheless it likes to stay on the roads. The sole profile is not made for off-road traction.  
Zero news – By now it is no hush-hush that Hoka delivers impressive cushion paired with lightness. No difference with the Hupana. With 232 grams and a responsive sole, it is a fun shoe. 
While the Hupana does appear to be less bulky towards the other Hoka models, it also delivers that feeling of a more agile and direct foot strike. 
The Hupana is available in four different colourways. Pictured is the Anthracite / Deep Lichen Green style.
While running the Hupana, one question regularly came up. “Why do they market this shoe as a lifestyle shoe?” I might be ignorant or do not have a sense of style but this shoe is a proper and good running shoe. There is nothing wrong with wearing the Hupana casually but it takes the seriousness away from a proper running shoe. At least for me.
The word Hupana is taking from the Maori language and stands for “spring back”.

Concluding – Besides the Clifton 2 and the Tracer, this is my favorite Hoka model. The overall performance is hard to beat as the shoe allows a range of workouts and runs. Also it features a complete new design approach towards the characteristic Hoka layout. I can see myself racing with this shoe as it combines the pro’s of a road flat with the support and comfortableness of a lightweight trainer.