Our first family trip in our novel home base took us about 500 kilometre north of Stockholm. The High Coast (In Swedish “Höga kusten”) was the journey’s end of our first lengthier voyage with our tacky V-Class campervan.

Primarily I have heard of this share of the country (what else could it be…) through the Höga Kusten SwimRun competition and the MoDo ice hockey squad (Swedish Champions in 1979 and 2007) that is based in Örnsköldsvik. But there is way more than this.

Since 2000 this share of the Swedish east coast is a World Heritage Site thanks to its uncommon countryside with imposing cliff creations. We set camp close to Norrfällsvikens and got spoiled with a week full of sunshine, peaceful sea and remarkably fresh air. With empty shores and lonesome hikes this was a picture-perfect time to hit this popular part of Sweden.

As usual. Pictures do say way more than words.

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