With the up-to-date style of the Feline SL, it appeared Austro Brand Dynafit just made the right updates to their earlier lightweight Sky Running model (See my review HERE). The newest Feline was my go-to shoe the last few months when it came to rocks, sludge and tricky muck. His latest outing was muffling myself around the Tour de Mont Blanc (Report HERE) a couple of weeks ago. Whilst clambering through the techy shares of the course, crossing rivers and all that, the Feline appeared to be pretty unimpressed.

However the shoe had no bother with the terrain, myself was fighting the vertical but I was able to trust on a light shoe with a sole that is probably on of the best for high mountain rocky trail. Tacky confronts with sharp stones got tackled satisfactorily while mud and puddles were dealt with no harm at all. To be honest, just the last couple of the hours around the course I paid attention to the Feline. I paid attention because I did not need to beforehand. It could be the lightness or the very low and comfortable fitting of the shoe. It could be the lacing systems that I really like or it just could be the efficient front upper of the shoe that keeps out sand and rocks.

While training on my home trails, I made the same check-up. A well-rounded shoe that does not hold back. The traction of the sole paired with (..what Dynafit named) the “Sensitive Fit“ system makes this shoe a trusty partner when it gets tricky and traily out there. This shoe is certainly not made for anything else than running natural paths. Road shouldn’t be used! The rest is easy…

Impressive grip paired with 8mm drop.

Just can’t stress that incredible grip. Dynafit offers a quality and light shoe that stays on course.

Fast and light travelling along technical trails. The Feline SL is a huge help and a great partner.

Easy to use – Quick lacing system!

Dynafit offers a quality shoe with beautiful details.

The soul of the Feline SL – GRIP. A lot of grip!