Italian trademark Diadora is back. After a couple of years with no substantial product improvement in the running division, they just launched the N-4100-2 BRIGHT model. And by any means, this shoe is pretty hard to oversee.
The so-called “NET Breathing System” is designed to increases the sole transpiration volume, stopping moisture, dirt and other external elements from entering the shoe and thus keeping the foot dry.
With the use of reflective material Diadora’s N-4100-2 BRIGHT is pretty hard to overlook during night runs. It is also available in a not so glitzy Black and White colour range.
Generally the sole surface is made of a synthetic breathable net fiber mesh and special breathable and resistant membrane.
Special wear-resistant rubber compound assuring a far higher wear resistance than standard rubber, offering an effective solution to shoe heel wear.
Medial stabilizer created to control torsional stability of the area of the arch support, giving the shoe lightness and stability without altering shock absorption.
Diadora was founded by Marcello Danieli, He managed to successfully launch his first product – a mountain climbing boots in the 1950s. Shortly after this, he developed his first running shoe.
Another interesting system is the so-called DA2 – Double Action is Diadora’s shock-absorbing system, eliminating negative vibrations in the heel area. I liked the easy responsiveness of the N-4100-2 BRIGHT during my training runs. A nice light trainer that likes to move fast.
With the latest N-4100-2 Diadora styles a great re-start into the running market. The shoe is a pretty attractive and agile training partner. Although the design might not be everyone’s choice, the shoe certainly delivers with performance and a fair price.