‘bout time to step on a start line. Although our move to Stockholm did not bother the training regime too much, the racing undertakings have been fairly rare lately. It has been a while since I ran a running competition. The Strömmingsloppet 10k round the stunning Vaxholm islet was a worthy justification to jump on a picturesque ferry ride across the skärgarden and visit the isle with the family. My friend and training buddy Dan was in full praise of the versatile course. And he was right.

Back on the track for a weekly workout with the dudes, I was keen to see what the limbs are up too. I knew that on the hilly and bendy course a fast time was out of reach. Nonetheless I was keen on a fast run to find out where I’m at. The first half of the race went OK but I misjudged the amount of little nasty ascents and the technical segments a fair bit. A lack of concentration caused a pleasant downhill crash and afterwards I was not up to jeopardies my bones even more on the stony trails. I hang on to finish in a solid 10th place.

Legs are OK but there is still a bit of work left until the first significant race in 3 weeks – Utö SwimRun.