Hailing from the weathered North East of England, Berghaus was founded back in 1966 by climbers and mountaineers Gordon Davison and Peter Lockey. At first the outdoor enthusiastic twosome imported all sorts of equipment to the local UK market. In 1972 the two set up their own brand to cater their specific needs. The german word for “mountain house” became the brand-name of choice. Since then Berghaus creates regular attention with an high-quality and progressive clothing range. I had the chance to trial their latest release, the Extrem 7000 Hoodie.
Polartec Power grid fleece is the fabric of choice. The grid design structure got created to reduce weight while increasing warmth and compressibility. It is a structure that increases wicking effectiveness and breathability by creating channels of targeted touch points that engross and diffuse moisture for faster disappearance. While fleece might seems to be a bit out of date to some, the Extrem 7000 shows why it still has it benefits. The lightweight material is well placed with two varying layers depending on where the body needs more isolation.  
A feature that sticks out is the incorporated balaclava that can be used as a scarf-like wind protection. During chilly and windy runs this was a great feature and something I have not seen with other jackets before. I ended up using the jacket for kayak, hiking and mountain bike adventures as well. 
The hood has an enjoyable tight fit. For me it worked well with or without a hat and the covering against wind and rain is great. As mentioned before, the integrated balaclava is pretty helpful but not in the way in case you do not need it. Once you zip the jacket up it sits neat and comfortable while it protects yourself against the weather.  
A spotless little feature that I treasure – a well positioned and seamed thumb sling. Berghaus completed another detail nicely that sometimes can create unpleasant chafing. Not with this one. 
Just a lovely detail shot of the front hand-warmer pocket!
An accurately sheltered skull – a suitable illustration how it looks when you fully zip up. While the head is covered you still have enough movement due to the light fabrics. While out on a bike ride I found additional shelter against the rough weather as the helmet fitted perfectly on top of the hoodie. 
Flipside – the elastic micro fleece material provides an accurate “Next to skin” – fit. 
Shimmer – two diverse thicknesses of fleece are used. The picture demonstrates the back of the jacket and the thin chunks that offer blameless breathability. 
The Extrem 7000 hoodie is part of the Berghaus’ “Extrem Range”. It certainly covers the demands of an proficient and practical midlayer.
Details – well-finished ergonomic sewing that supports the requirements of full athletic movements. The full-elastic seam guarantees that the jacket stays in place no matter how hard you move. 
Quickly I became an admirer of Berghaus’ latest Extrem 7000 Hoodie. The multipurpose insulation jacket is pretty much the best shaped midlayer I have ever used. Appropriate body fit and a smart and thought out use of materials make it fun to use and a trusty partner for the outdoors. 

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