Weather conditions over here are severely fine at the moment. That fundamentally cuts down my time in front of this PC thingy. And that is a good thing. Anyhow, now it is time to swiftly catch up with the last few weeks of working out and racing.

Two weekends ago I ran my home marathon. A couple of months ago the idea came up to win the relay contest. The heart of my lunchtime jog mates and I decided to go for it. The 14th running of the local “Trollinger Marathon” is a biggy around here. Trollinger is the local wine and Wikipedia knows that it is “…almost exclusively cultivated on steep, sunny locations in the Württemberg wine region of Baden-Württemberg.” Enough pride for my home area for now!

Matthias, Steffen and I are working out on the track every Friday. It was a fastidious thought to condense the team-spirit of this little “Lunchtime Track Session” collective into a proper race. Nothing better than a Ekiden to do so.

And as besieged we won the whole thingy. Steffen ran the first, pretty hilly part, I ran the windy middle section and Matthias brought us home with a great effort on the last demanding part. The whole day was good fun and running in a team brought a nice essence to the egomaniac running racing. We are already planning to come back and confirm the win. Until then it is time to run fast around a 400m loop at lunchtime every Friday.

As I write down this post I get sorted for the yearly pilgrim to the Basque country. I just cannot wait for my return to this astonishing place and its sincere and divine community. The marathon around Zegama is something unique (Preview HERE). More than ever, checking the current weather forecast, this year’s version looks like another edition to remember. Friday Flo and I hit the road for yet another outing. I’m counting the hours.