“It’s a thin line between love and hate
She gonna fool you one day”
The Persuaders- It’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate

It seems that my running is a love/hate thing these days. It actually is a love/hate thing when it comes to suitable pacing. It essentially is a love/hate thing when it comes to pacing while running up a mountain in a competition.

Again I couldn’t hold back and paid for it during the first kilometres of the Hundseck-Berglauf past Saturday. I totally banged and fell of pace which eventually lead to a senseless tactic (…and a 64th place in 56:30). With less fear and respect for the course and too much enthusiasm I came back to realism the hard way.

After suffering early on, the race went well-ish for me. I came back nicely and ran solid until the last 500 meters. What a neck breakers those final 500 meters were. It actually was fun suffering up the ski hill and the technical trail.

Overall a great and diverse course with a great old-skool organization. Totally loved it.

Race Website
Blog Hendrik (Thanks for the pics!)

Quality – No price list in Baden is complete without a Rothaus selection. 
Early kilometers. 
Grand finale – The toughest part was the last one. 
Run happy? Cooked and gone. 
Posse shot – Seb, Hendrik & Myself
Downhill – Jogging back. 
Stunning – Black Forest visits always pay off. 

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