Running up a mountain is never easy. It undoubtedly never will be.

So nothing new at the “Doma” (swabian for “Daumen” mountain) run tonight. Lovely low-key organization. A perfectly marked course and some proper climbing on just 4,5 k creates great mid-week battling action.

I anticipated to be in better form but got reminded pretty fast that this uphill running thing tolerates no hiding. I fought my way through in 22:13. That is OK. Not more, not less.

What place did i finish? Well, i have to quote my dear friend Pat on that:

“If you didn’t podium, what the fuck it matter what place you got, chump? Train harder and you’ll know EXACTLY where you finished. The harder you train, the easier it’ll be to figure out!”

Saturday will be a another chance to go real and hard. This time with a bit more climbing which ultimately will result in longer pain. Sweet.

Check out the Video (classic!) of the award ceremony as well as the picturesrace video and the race report. Great work by Günter Krehl and his team. More people need to put up events like this!

Traces of the races. Finish Line atmosphere. 

Green Room – Black Forrest trails. 

Muddy and steep – We ran up this one. 

Saw mill waste beautifully formed to 100 meter markers. 

Me suffering early on (Picture: Carmen Keppler)