“Where do you guys swim in these competition?” Is the common question you get from outsiders when you tell them that you are competing in a Wintertriathlon. “There is no swimming. Running, Mountainbiking and lastly some Nordic skating!” That’s what you have to do to end a Wintertriathlon.

The closest chance to home to do so is the race in Oberstaufen. The picturesque town in Bavaria is well-known for the race and a small but fine crowd always shows up for the German championships.

It was a warm day today. I decided to wear a short-sleeve shirt for all three disciplines and never had to freeze. Quite crazy during a race that’s supposed to take part on snow solely. The conditions for the first two stages of the race where excellent. Nice and warm as the sun was up and shining bright. After two running laps (around 5k) and four loops on the bike (18k) it was a pretty tough infight throughout the melting snow to finish the 8k Nordic skating leg. No fun to slide around. Pure fighting. Especially when you have a poor skating technique like I do.

Overall a great and fun day. Wintertriathlon is a beautiful and honest multi-sport. Hope I get the chance to return to Oberstaufen next year.

Some pictures at tri2b.com / YouTube / YouTube 2 / YouTube 3TriMag

The Junior race during the early stages.
German Champs, Baby!
Winner of the junior race, Johannes Hinterseer, with the quote of the day: “I look like 14 but I’m actually 18!”
Tune of the day: Apparat – A Violent Sky