There is always something new for me in this running game.

I was sure to never miss a start. In Ireland, the country of the notorious late race-start, I was always one of the first runners round the start line. Last Sunday I was the last. I trusted the watch in the changing room. Unfortunately this timepiece wasn’t set accurately. Unlucky.

Spring is here in South-Germany and I decided to jog the first race of the season, the “Weibertreulauf” in Weinsberg. Three race distances were on offer. I wanted to run the half-marathon as part of a long training day. The course is famous for it’s hilly course and so I wanted to get some fast vertical race kilometres in. The day started early as I jogged around a sun soaked and picturesque Weinsberger valley. Spring is here. Love it.

When I came back to get changed for the race I trusted the ancient clock in the changing room and when I jogged down to the start, the race had just begun. Even 30 seconds late is too late. I tried to catch up but the crowd was too huge and I couldn’t overtake on the narrow roads. I sprinted ’til the 1st kilometre mark and had to give up. Back at the race registration I asked to change to the 10k race that was supposed to start 1 hour later. No problem to do so.

I continued my jogging until the 10k race started. With already tired legs I found my rhythm pretty late but was happy with the solid legs on the uphill sections. I still miss the leg-turnover but was pleased with my flat 37 minutes time at the end.