To say it in Sheryl Crow’s words: “The first cut is the deepest”.

Its always nice to run for the first time in a new country and even on a new continent. Last sunday i had my first outing in the Buenos Aires’ running meka – Palermo Park.

When i switched on the watch before the start i got reminded what had happened just a couple of days ago. 42k was on the clock and reminded me of the jog around Florence 7 days ago.

I tried something new on the monday after the marathon. My legs were battered but i decided to go for a 2k run with my destroyed legs. The intention was to speed up the recovery process and it worked. I did not race 42k but i still had them in the legs. So i was not sure what to expect. So a little run on monday morning and the Lufthansa business class during my Frankfurt – Buenos Aires flight on Monday night (Thanks Hörni) did the job.

Bernardo, my home stay here in BA, was running the Lanpass 10k (chilean airline) race and i jumped in to run it with him. He was still tired from his Saturday long run so we took it easy. That gave me the chance to get a full impact of the very active Buenos Aires running scene. A great turnout (17.000) paired with some talent up front (top three men under 30 minutes) and in the middle of the pack (see picture).

Corredor agradable…