Some recreational cycle road racing this morning at Maryland‘s Tommy Givan Road Race in Hillsborough.

It is really addictive to go out racing. I really do enjoy it and was looking forward to todays race. Just 15 minutes outside of Belfast was the venue. My first non club race saw some serious competition. The finest gear was lined up and again a fairly good crowd.

For the second time this week i felt good. The course was good. Some nice uphill stretches and the usual improvable back roads were fun.

And for the second time i made the mistake to NOT hold back and wait for the sprint to go off. I got away from the field at the last climb just 1k from the finish line. But after some secounds it was that depressing voice of the field flying by. Bad luck but worth a try as i still felt strong – but not strong enough…

Tomorrow im travelling to Donaghadee to race the North Down GP. This time i try to stay in the pack as long as possible.