A day before the first race of the FINA Open Water Grand Prix in the 3rd largest city of Argentina, Rosario, and a week before the 56 kilometer FINA classic from Santa Fe to Coronda (also in Argentina), two friends and I made the 140 kilometer trip down south of Buenos Aires to get some open water swimming in.
Chascomús is the closest possibly to swim in open water when you live in Buenos Aires. All other lakes or the Rio Plata are just too poluted. After we finished the XC session in Palermo Park in the morning we traveled to cool down and swim in the Lake Chascomús.
Unfortunately we weren’t aware that there was an open water race on. Surprisingly for some readers i did not enter as we already had been in the water for a while when we figured out what the local swimming club had on the agenda. 

A good amount of swimmers entered the 2,5 kilometer main event which took place on one big loop in front of the main promenade.

Lake Chascomús is a great venue for open water swimming. I don’t know what the deepest part of the lake is but we always had the chance to touch the ground while looping through the lake.