It is a annually procedural amongst our group of friends. Fill up the cars with bikes and running shoes. Drive ’em down south to the French Riviera. Train heaps, eat masses and laugh loads.

Unquestionably some things do never change and so I’m just back home with worn-out legs and uniquely positive memoirs from yet another training get-together besides the sun filled Côte d’Azur.

In addition to quality exercising and worthy resting, we had the chance to shot some pleasant pics. I will upload some throughout the following days. They surely express more than thousand words. The raw statistics can be found on Strava.

À bientôt!

Morning Routine – Lange, Bazlen, Eberhard and the sun

Lefty – Roads are not that busy

Facing some afternoon sun

Weapons of choice
7 Bikes and some bags – VW Tetris

Usual morning jog with my ÖtillÖ ’15 partner Knut

Trailerparkcamp Essential (not the emoty glass…)

Tanning made easy

No Chlorine – our pool!

Cycling made easy

Oh you beautiful Mediterranean