Since I switched my daily training to the morning I (surprisingly) have plenty of time in the evenings. I really enjoy going out early. The streets are empty and the air is even cleaner. My body still needs a bit of time to cope with 5.45am running but is fine overall. My goal for the near future is to get 3-4 double runs in during the week. I don’t put myself under pressure and leave the second run optional.

Currently I’m running up to moderate pace, as my right calf is not a 100% up to speed. The muscle is still very stiff and today my physio stated me muscular disbalances in my legs. I try to work on that with core work and special stretches. the problems are not dramatic but they need to be solved completely before running hard and fast again. NYC is my main goal for this year. Its 17 weeks away.

Again I found the way to the local swimming pool. Its brilliant for the tired legs. At the moment i regularly swim some lanes in the pool. it works fine and my calf seems to enjoy it. Since i don’t “have” to swim i really enjoy it and it seems to be much more easy.

Should i go back to triathlon and just “think” like a runner?