This decision was not easy.

I will not run the 114th Boston Marathon this coming Monday.

Just came back from my Physio and there is no improvement in my ankle and calf. Still inflamed and sore it does not make sense to get on the start-line in Hopkinton. The Physio taped the ankle to give it a bit of protection and stability.

I have to be honest to myself and listen to my body. It is not an easy decision as my training and preparation was leading up to this main goal of my 2010 season. To say i was keen on the race would be understate.

What now? I really do not know at the moment. I would love to run a marathon but do not want to damage my foot or muscles. That mysterious thing in my ankle needs to be 100 percent pain free before i start thinking about another shot on the 42k distance. Numerous races are around so that is not the problem.

Next week i see a doctor and try to get a scan of the foot. I want to be sure that it is not a stress fracture or any other damage to the bones.

In the meanwhile the swimming pool and the bike will be the playground for me.