It is the end of a weird and uncommon year.

A lot has transformed and things possibly won’t be the same again. Well, some things undoubtedly do never change. It’s exercise in fresh air alone or with good friends. At least in the last couple of demanding months, this has been a life saver to some. Also, for me.

Crushing and chatting away on my childhood paths in southern Germany feels virtuous and at least it is some sort of consistency in these December times.

Stay healthy, stay sane!

The Hohenneuffen Castle is a huge tumbledown castle in the northern foothills of the Swabian Alb. The medieval castle is situated on a large late Jurassic rock on the edge of the Swabian Alb.
Ran a couple of amazingly pleasant trails on the way to Hohenneuffen Castle.
Trees and trails.
When I was younger, I spend innumerable hours around the Heuchelberg area. Plenty of rolling trails and some decent climbing is on hand. Some friends linked all the finest trails to form the Heuchelbergtrail race. As soon as I’m home, I take every chance to spend time on the track and learn more about new-fangled parts. There are still a lot of surprises.
The Heuchelberg runs through the western part of the county of Heilbronn between Leingarten in the northeast and Zaberfeld in the southwest.
Make sure to sign up for the Heuchelbergtrail next year. Amazing organization with a lot of passion and pride for this wonderful area.

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