The best running shoe on the market recently got a successor. trimes blog has a brilliant feature on the old and new version of my beloved nike lunar racer.

The original post is translated from french using Google Translator. Thanks to Uli for the link…

Comparison LunaRacer 1 (2008-9) VS LunaRacer 2 (2010)

Another article on lunaracers! Indeed, I am completely obsessed with these shoes. Why? Because I finally found a shoe with which I do not hurt me more! And besides, it’s one of the cheapest on the market!

The story is that for running the Goofy Challenge (Half-marathon and marathon on Saturday, Sunday), I had to buy a new pair of shoes because Air Canada had lost my luggage … we finally should say “retarded” … So when I saw that lunaracers 2 were sold $ 85, I did not hesitate one second!

So voila, after both decried the fact that LunaRacer rose 20% in weight … I’ll be honest with you, except the visual appearance of the shoe, nothing has changed, the sensation of lightness and cushioning Flexibility remains the same. Her weight gain is not really remarkable.

So I always try to understand why Nike wanted to change a winning pattern. Here’s my little theory. I think that Nike was surprised at receiving the shoes by athletes. Since there is the lunar lunar trainer and racer, we can conclude that this shoe was dedicated to the race and not the trainings. And thus, it is true that the cash badly LunaRacer distance given its minimal structure. In response, Nike has solidified the new version, hence the weight gain. The structure is now outside the shoe, which is preferable for those who do triathlons and running without socks (least possible friction = less bulbs).

Conclusion> the difference between the LunaRacer 1 and 2 is really minimal. Adding weight is justified by a gain in strength and support. I think triathletes will gain because of its field structure. Nike with the Lunar system is ahead of the competition and LunaRacer is a shoe in a class by itself. It is impossible to classify in the category or lightweight racer trainer. I still think that the first version is designed for racing and version 2 for the training because the gain of 20% by weight … but hey …

Also, I remain confident that Nike will announce a new model soon … see the preceding article.

Also, I should point out that j’aimaintenant 4 pairs of new lunaracers I. At $ 69, how to resist!