Out-layer insulations alike New Balance’s Ultra Hooded need to be light, simple and proficient. It’s that kind of jogging utensil that needs to be stored away quickly and effortlessly. It’s the one thing you want when the weather hits. No matter if you face rain, wind, slush, or sometimes snow. The Ultra Hooded is made just for that.

A well fabricated and well designed all-weather skin that, once it’s folded, finds space in every pocket. I use this jacket during long runs on trails and on roads. It’s effective and straightforward. The adjustable hood is my favourite. It saved me during some pretty rainy jogs.

Long story short – this one is a true styler that is highly purposeful on top of it all. Well played.

Constructed adjustable hood

Bonded front zip chest pocket

100% Nylon

Color reflective logos and trim

Some partner for wet, cool conditions

From Boston with love – New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc.

Breathable, packable, light, wind and water resistant.

Lightweight and durable