By now it should be more then obvious. Once Matt Taylor decides to do somewhat running related is going to be distinctive.

After managing athletes and working in diverse segments of the industry, he started his own apparel company Tracksmith based in Boston. The result is pretty different and rather fresh and sole to the sometimes boring running bazaar. Tracksmith is the equivalent to cycling’s Rapha and takes on the streets with quality styles in an unique old-school way.

But not enough.

He also decided to set up a magazine dedicated to running in its purest and most stylish form – Meter Magazine. Once you get over the dear price of 12 USD you will sense a uncommon publication that stands out to the rest. Meter delivers “great stories and celebrate the competitive spirit of the sport“. Combined with a sense of grace, design and photography, this creation is a collector’s item and a joy to read.

“I’ve been running my entire life and I think it’s one of the most important things someone can do every day. Eat an apple and go for a run.”
Matt Taylor