It was tough, very tough for me. Watching the race from the sideline was not easy.

Boston is not known for the best weather conditions on race day but this year the weather was just phenomenal.

Uli went out early for his long run and when i woke up and had a look out of the window i saw that the weather was just perfect. A bit windy but i could not judge the direction. It was a tailwind blowing in from the Hopinkton direction as i found out later on. Together with the sun raceday weather was just perfect.

We watched the first 45 minutes of the race from home and then made our way towards the mile 21 mark shortly after the famous heartbreak hill. The course was so busy and loud. I would have loved to run here, no doubt. The crowd, the weather just everything was perfect for “Marathon Monday”.

As the leaders flew buy and the crowds arrived i swore myself that i have to come back one day. It is a class race with a exiting atmosphere.