It was early in the morning when i left our B&B in Brookline. The 5K race was on in the city centre and Uli was racing it. The tram was busy as 5.000 people had to get to the startline. A good idea by the B.A.A. to set this event up a day prior to the main race.

After the race i visited the Dublin Marathon crew at the expo and helped out for a bit as it got fairly busy. Had a walk around the city and enjoyed beer, coffee and some spells of sun and a bit of rain. The weather is irish here – no doubt.

At the moment it looks like i have severe problems getting back to Dublin. My flight for monday night is cancelled and the next available flight is heading out of Boston would be on Saturday…

And i scored a flashy pair of lunarracer 1 at city sports. The colour is wicked!