Why inscribe a race story when the actual competition was weeks ago? The key question is why did I not write anything while it happened. Questions over questions… In the end It all comes down to family, this stunning Swedish summer and available time.

As always. Times are changing. And it seems that it’s always a positive amendment. Life with a family is not the same. In a positive way, though. And in addition to a busy work schedule the keenness on spending quality time with my wife and my son is noticeably bigger than sitting down and bore the internet with egoistic thoughts about racing. Even though there is still a hell lot of fun and enthusiasm involved when it comes to everyday exercise and racing, the blogging share of being a professional amateur endurance plodder will eventually cut short. But then again – not short enough.

The last big race left me pretty drained but highly motivated. Felix and I had an marvellous day at the Utö Swimrun and in the aftermath of this competition I took it easier with an emphasis on recovery and swimming technique and OW excursions. Stockholm is a city that makes it easy to settle in and the training prospects are nothing short of being “otrolig”.

To not be in the way of family-life I altered training-life to the early morning hours. With the well-known extensive Swedish summer days that is currently not a problem. I use my daily work commute to get some of the basic training in but I furthermore catch up with Dan and Karl for regular sessions. I’m thankful that these chaps like to wake up early, too. It is so much easier to step out of bed when you know there is somebody waiting. Above and beyond buying the wedding rings the Thule Chariot seems to be the best investment we have made. Our son loves the stroller and therefore I like to run and cycle with him. Running with the buggy can be challenging but it certainly is very enjoyable. Unquestionably daddy (running) and youngster (sleeping) like it and it is great to discover new places with my son.

Of course! Training is nice. But there is nothing that beats some proper racing. So here is what happened in the last couple of weeks:

2017-05: Stockholm Swimrun
Fabian came up for a long anticipated excursion of the ill-famed German Sparkle Party. As usual it is so much fun to race with him. At the Stockholm Swimrun we had a mixed competition. We did not show our best performance in the water but on land we reeled back big time. We managed to cruise through the field but missed the podium because of powerlessness in the last long swims. Fabian transcribed a great piece for our Team website. Check it out here.

It was cool to race just a few meters away from our house. I train a lot in Djurgarden and Hagaparken. Eventually the race went across these parts of town. Perfect to show a friend where I train and live.

2017-06: Hellas Swimrun
A classic race in a classic Swimrun area. Hellasgarden is where the sport of Swimrun has its roots. The midweek contest was previously known as “Ötillö Training Race”. Organizer Erika Rosenbaum then established the term “Swimrun”. The rest is history. On a striking day I cycled out to Hellasgarden to meet a lot of familiar faces. Unusual for Swimrun, the competition is a one-man fight. This was the first time I did a Swimrun race by myself. It felt strange to be out there on my own. However it was so much fun. Pretty exhaustive fun. Two loops around the park with quite some swimming. I managed a Top 10 finish but there is some improvement to be made. Great to see that nearly 100 people came out to race!

2017-07: Arlanda Aquathlon
Spontaneous excursions are the best. Throughout a morning jog Henrik and I decided to give the Arlanda competition a go. Just 40 Minutes north of Stockholm we found a gorgeous competition in and around the 1,140 km2-large Mälaren lake. The third-largest freshwater pond in Sweden presented great weather and a striking scenery. Pretty unusual for a lake, the swim sections were pretty choppy. Although we did not train together we had a flawless race which we finished as 3rd team. A lot of fun to race this with Henrik!

It looks like the racing season now is in full swing. Next up is Öloppet with the notorious Knut followed by Angaloppet with Dan. After several years without some Swim-Bike-Run business I will give the Stockholm triathlon, a day prior to the ITU World Triathlon Series, a go. Then it is time to polish the form for the big one – Ötillö.

Tune of the day: Knxwledge – Nvrending