It was about time. I was fed up and genuinely pxxxxd off. After numerous runs I was so over my old earphones. No matter what I was doing they didn’t do what they are supposed to do. Stay on the ears.

I like listening to podcasts (check this post & article) while training. It’s great killing time or boosting energy or lack of motivation while listening to interesting interviews or documentaries. But the best podcast or album is useless when you can’t listen to it stress free.

Every ear is different; mine seems not to be made for the average iPod or in-ear-plug-in. After a bit of examination off the interweb I got my favors down and made my way to the local shopping mall mad place. My goal was to avoid buying one of the earpieces that does not have an adjustment to fix the little speakers on the ear (like this). I think they don’t look cool, and it has to look cool at the end, right? So the choices got narrowed down furthermore.

After checking the Adidas/ Senheisser models I was pretty humbled. They did not fit me at all, felt very uncomfortable and the sound wasn’t what I anticipated. Next stop some massive retailer. Lucky enough they had all the models I already knew off from my research. All on the table and after a quick in house test of the Sony, Phillips, Arriva, Motorola, dB Logic and shure, the “yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro – Dry Mic” seemed to be the one I favorite.

Products with the ironman logo are not certainly on my xmas wish list but that did not hold me back after testing and listening to them for a while. The earphones feature the so-called “Patented Twist Lock Technology” system. First off all this seems to be a bit strange. After several tries I got used to it. The outcome is as efficient as the idea is simple.

After “drilling” the plugs in, I went out. The first run just proved me right. I completely forgot about the earpieces while I was listening to the new Amon Tobin record (which actually is a great test for every headphone). Once back at home I figured out that I didn’t had a problem. More runs later I’m still surprised by the clear and quality sound as well as the comfort the yurbuds deliver. I also like the little control triangle. Same here. Simple and effective. No small buttons I can’t hit anyway with my big fingers. Straight forward control. Hands down yurbuds. Well done. Not that easy to please my ears.