as rotterdam getting closer and closer i cut down the mileage and slide into tapering.

this week i mainly went out for short very relaxed stuff (max. run was 55 minutes). i ran a fast workout on Thursday. after that session my right calf became a bit stif. could be the cool weather that affected this. its not tremendous but a week prior to the race not the ideal scenario but daardoor raak ik nog niet van streek. on monday ill get a massage and increase the stretching and the sleeping (im opting to average 8,5 – 9 hours).

because of my stif calf i skipped the planned long run on sunday and got a bit of swimming in. naas got a new pool and i have to say they did a brilliant job with this facility. a top class 25m pool and a brilliant gym – nice one. barely needed!

beside the little problem with my calf im feeling good and cant wait to go over to the netherlands. the conditions on sunday should be perfect. hopefully no wind and not the same surprisingly good weather like two years ago.

aisling, a training partner of mine, raced this weekend in the celtic 100k and got the irish silver medal with a time of 9:31:20 (5:42 per k). brilliant result!