the days are flying by. just crazy that week number 9 of 2009 is over today.

in 34 days im running the rotterdam marathon. the training period for this race is going so fast. a good sign? i dont know now.

what i know is that im counting the days to see the sun. next saturday im flying to orlando to face 10 days of training with my buddy uli (he raced today at the shamrocks 5K in NYC – good result!). on the 14th march we finish our little training “spring break” with the 32nd annual gate river run in jacksonville.

this week training was OK again. i felt a bit tired on some workouts but over all i got quality sessions in. weather in ireland is around 8-12 degrees these days, perfect to run.

monday – 6 k. easy
tuesday – 5 k. easy (before football)
wednesday – 22 k. hills
thursday – 15 k. fast (7 x 3″ 10 k. speed)
friday – 9 k. easy
saturday – 33 k. easy
sunday – 16 k. progressiv

EDIT: after feedback from my old mate patrick on THIS post, i have to point out our glorious mountain bike downhill days between 93-96. heuchelberg massive. wer bremst verliert 😉