the week was a bit mixed up.

as usual i took it easy on monday.

tuesday is football time and the match was really tough this time. i was really wasted from the short sprints.

wednesday was a fast day. i got a couple of tempo intervalls in. as usual i went out to hard but managed to get the last part slightly faster.

on thursday i had to pay the price. the “longer” run was a bit of a mess. the starting pace was too high so i suffered badly at the end. the result was a spontaneous rest day on friday. i was tired and didnt had motivation to go out.

saturday was hill day as i was running with simo from bray to greystones and back. we finished the session with hill sprints and a hardcore recovery in the irish sea.

sunday our “park guide” adriele directed us to a long round of loops through various parks around dublin. on a beautiful day we ended up with 38 kilometeres and a nice recovery dinner at bellagio.

again a week with over 100 kilometeres.