Fresh and Clean – Saucony expands their product line with a brand new model. The 275 gram Liberty ISO is the newest addition to their performance line. With its slick and clean light-weight design it certainly draws the attention. This model can seen as the robuster and more stable sibling of the popular Freedom ISO. 
Saucony aims to provide a broad set of running options. A medial TPU guidance frame in the inside of the midsole aims to limit lateral motion and therefore provides some extra support to this light shoe. For a shoe in this weight category the Liberty provides amazing cushion and a decent support for overpronators without making the shoe to stiff and clumsy. A big part of the active feeling is down to the Everun TPU midsole. Apparently this EVA material delivers a 83% energy return. I did not had the chance to measure it but the responsive feel is definitely there. 
The prominent Logo pattern on the medial post of the sole highlights the structured support frame of the Liberty. A comparison to the Freedom is imminent. While there are certain similarities the overall support is way better in the Liberty then it is in the Freedom. With the Liberty being only a couple of grams lighter, the difference in weight between the shoes is very little though.
Saucony stays true to their style. The appearance of the shoe is fast and classy with the distinctive outfit that is known throughout the scene. A full-length Everrun midsole ensures that the comfort is there. While the Freedom was the first shoe with a full on Everrun protection, the Liberty adds on this feature. Saucony calls it “lively cushioning”. That pretty much hits the note. 
A short history lesson – Saucony started their shoe production back in 1898 in a place called Kutztown, Pennsylvania. At the beginning they were specialized in kids shoes. The factory building was situated on the high banks of the Saucony Creek. The distinctive brand logo represents the reek’s constant flow, and the boulders lining its creek bed.
Isofit  – More and more companies offer shoes with an sock-like inner sleeve inlay. At an performance based running shoe this helps to avoid possible movement of the tongue. Despite that the overall feeling while running with the Liberty feels amazing as the thin stretch mesh adapts to the shape foot and holds it perfectly in the shoe. I can also see a big advantage for Dua- and Triathletes when it comes to fast transition times. 
Late Starter – Until 1977 Saucony was pretty unknown to the masses of the running community. In that year the running media turned the spotlight on the brand as it continued to surprise runners in tests and reviews. 
The direct 4mm heel-to-toe offset totally hit the note for me. While it helps to maintain a natural and efficent stride, it makes your body work and creates a direct feeling throughout the run. Throughout the years i experienced this with a lot of performance based Saucony shoes. Also the Liberty will make the Saucony fanbase happy and will surprise runners that are experiencing Saucony for the first time.
If you ever ran in Saucony shoe you will remember that softish feeling. It is down to this outsole. I think the sole feels great and with its softer approach the grip is nice and controlled maybe sometimes a bit to spongy on the ground. 
Nice little details can be found all over the shoe. Saucony not only knows how to please runners feet, they also add some nice visual features. 
Sauconys midsole technology goes by the name Everun. The Technology ensures a sweet and responsive feeling and the energy return can be felt, especially during high paced runs. The lively material is used throughout the full lenght of the shoe.  
Fact sheet – Offset: 4mm, Heel: 22mm and Forefoot: 18mm
Very durable, comfortable and soft mesh material in the front part combined with thicker and rougher mesh, which includes the ISOFIT bands, in the back offer a great overall feeling while striding. The construction is very supportive without being to stiff and dense. Saucony places the ISOFIT bands in the right places to ensure a comfortable and safe feeling.  
It did not take me long to get friends with the Liberty ISO. It is a go-to everyday training shoe which i can see myself racing in over longer distances. Saucony delivers the known feeling in a shoe that combines lightness with stability and comfort. A mix that is pretty hard to achieve but well finished.