‘Sayonara’ is the Japanese expression for ‘goodbye’. Osaka-based running powerhouse Mizuno baptized one of their speediest models with just that name. Currently in the third style, the Mizuno Sayonara 3 looks to got some updates to its already popular precursor.
As usual Mizuno has the design laid out very nicely. I dig the overall appearance and the colour organge/black arrangement that generate a characteristic and steadfast looking shoe.
The third style of the Sayonara got a cushion revitalisation. Notwithstanding the renovation in security the shoe still senses bouncy but lost a bit of the agility it offered with the older models.
Well-known and proofed from further Mizuno models – the X10 material that is used on the outsole. I like the sturdiness of the material and also on this shoe it did not let me down. Even now after roughly 250 kilometres with the Sayonara 3. The traction on the road is fine but trails can be a problem for the shoe when it’s damp. No biggie as this one is a road running creature anyhow.
The raw proofs: Heel: 32.3 mm, Forefoot: 22.6 mm and the drop from heel to forefoot: 9.7 mm
You might be interested in a petite history lesson: Mizuno was originated in 1906 as Mizuno Brothers Ltd by Rihachi Mizuno and his younger brother Rizo in Osaka, Japan. Until today Osaka is home to the brand.
A closer look at the used mesh material that works incredibly fine. I enjoyed the overall fit of the shoe but there is a lot of space in the forefoot. If you not a fan of this, you might end up having a difficulties with the Sayonara 3.
The earlier models were designed as factual road racing battleships. Although the updates increase the general luxury, the shoe itself changed its approach from racing to speedier workouts. Also it got slightly heavier and weights in with 332 gramms (…previous 299 gramms)
The former models had a drop of 8,7mm although the Sayonara 3 appears with a drop of 9,7mm. Not necessary a amendment for the better if you design a shoe that is meant to race.
As stated beforehand, the new-fangled Sayonara 3 is not like its adult comrades. Still I turned out to be a fan of the shoe as a great training companion that bids a lot of excitement throughout lengthier runs and tempo excursions. It is exciting to run fast in this shoe but the additional cushion takes out some dynamics that were valued with the old models. The Sayonara 3 is upright shoe and shouldn’t be judged by its elder relatives.
Lets see what the fourth version of the Sayonara has to offer!

All pictures (c) Runssel