At least here in Europe, summer seems to have ended. While the days get shorter, our homegrown trails gets soggier and the underground forms new challenges. With the Wave Daichi Mizuno just comes up with a novel model in their trail running series that might be of any assistance for the thrilling road and off-road terrain.
270 grams of supreme Japanese trail running swag made for off-road fun.
The centre of attention – the bright yellow Michelin-G-Adaptive-outsole is inspired by Michelin’s efficacious cyclocross tires.
I liked the agile and bendy Dynamotion-Fit-Upper. It offers plenty ventilation although it effectively snugs in the feet on busy and technical trails.
Occasionally trail shoes make the shuttle to the authentic off-road underground challenging. As I need to voyage 2-3 kilometres to the local trail and sometimes like to mix in road units during my training runs, the Wave Daichi performed to be just the perfect partner for that.
Strong mesh for enhanced upper support without losing dynamic feel.
However a household name when it comes to tires and maps, the French brand Michelin (Manufacture Française des Pneumatiques Michelin) uses its wide-ranging knowledge to provide grip and traction.
Mizuno calls the midpoint of the shoe “Midfoot X groove” – It allows the foot to flex and grip terrain while absorbing forces from uneven ground.
When you talk Michelin, you talk Bib – the brands world famous mascot! It is featured on the back part of the sole.
However deep mud and highly technical terrain is not the strongest environment for this outsole, I treasured the utter mix of undergrounds this sole is able to tackle.
Amusing enough for a Japanese brand the colour combination is called Chinese Red / Silver / Safety Yellow.
Please note: You cannot run on water with the Wave Daichi. Although it is a great partner for trail outings.
Summer might have been gone but with the bright and fast Wave Daichi you are able to light up some autumn trails.