Once Randy Merrell set up his shoe trade in 1981 he rapidly gained recognition through characteristic and long lasting trekking boots. The scenic green mountains territory of Vermont, USA was an impeccable backyard to test new developments and generate a mindset for superior outdoor equipment. A major move in an innovative dimension was the usage of the then all-new Gore Tex material back in 1981. Randy played his cards right when he steadily boosted the product-line to the desires of the increasing outdoor community.

Nowadays, a mere of 30 years later, the brand still drives the market. Further types of shoes are being developed and the running market seems to be a new major focus. The understanding of shoe technologies comes into play with their up-to-the-minute assortment of models.

As I’m always drawn to the minimum approach of shoe styles, the Bare Access 4 held my attention. With a shiny Vibram sole and a slender design this 181-gram lightweight surely glances speedy. The initial jog down the street gave a first sign of what’s going to happen – pace. A very direct sense with an efficient 8 mm cushion and the absolute highlight: 0mm Drop (Applause!!!) . With its low cut and comfy thin material this kick is undoubtedly entertaining if you want to get reckless.

As I continue around my traditional trial-circlet that leads from concreted lanes to wobbly trails plus off-road episodes from side to side of my local forest, I get to appreciate a fine made shoe that essentially offers a structured build with a dynamic response. Through several runs the Bare Access supplied a negligible mood without being to stiff and damp. A great all-rounder that worked on the track, while swimrunning plus on the daily training jaunt along the local boulevard. If you would like to run relaxed this shouldn’t be your choice. I catched myself several times speeding as the sprightly gait asks for dynamic workouts.

With a retail price of only 100 EUR the Bare Access in its fourth version is a serious contender for some of its costlier competition. There is a lot to like with this one. I look forward to take this one out for more running. Let the fun commence.

Looking slick and fast – Bare Access 4
A blue and beautiful zero drop shoe
Vegan friendly footwear. Hello Aline!
The pretty Vibram outsole
Traditional lace closure
0mm Drop & 8mm Cushion & 13.2mm Stack Height

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