With the freshest “All Out Charge” I got to test-drive yet another Merrell model. After my review of the “Bare Access 4” (Check it HERE) I was hyped to try a more thicker, further cushioned style out of Randy Merrell’s newest stock.

Besides advanced stability I immediately was astonished by the weight. Less then 600 grams is not very much for a pair of shoes with these qualities. The well-placed cushion combined with the stable fit of the shoe does create a secure feeling without being too clumsy. Once you get used to the uncommon impression of the so called “HyperWrap 360° fit system”, a semi-attached tongue system, the shoes delivers a natural, yet not barefoot like, feeling. The toe box might be a bit small but never gave me any problems. Overall it felt good and stress-free to use that shoe. Blisters were not seen despite me using it heavily in the first few days I got them.

Streets, Trails and whatever else that got under these things were dealt extremely satisfactorily. I do not want to overstress the description of an everyday training shoe but the “All Out Charge” is just about that. Style combined with flawless usage – Just what I want.

While travelling a fair bit, I enjoyed the nimbleness combined with the variety that this shoe overs. The sole is not to aggressive which could be a problem on wet technical trails but for all my running in the last few weeks it served to be absolutely amazing. A nice low stack height of 22/16mm is forming a nice drop of 6mm. This allows and nice sensitivity which I really liked. This brings you a confident feeling while doing trail-intervals as well as proper response on the road.

Working the “All Out Charge” around Bratislava

6mm Drop with 12mm Cush and a fairly low stack height of 27mm

The well designed M Select GRIP tunes outsole

I dig the little details

The so-called UniFly midsole offers protection as well as traction

Lovely placed Mesh upper

Light and sleek

Color coding: Spicy Orange paired with Lime Green

The inside

The outside