Freshest trail running material from Rockford, Michigan, grounded outdoor powerhouse Merrell – the new-fangled Agility Peak Flex.  A shoe ready for daily off-road amusement with some attention-grabbing features.  Surely Merrell is no stranger when it comes to running or hiking besides cemented roads. Although they set their target on the more minimal side of things, they just released the Agility Peak Flex with more cushioning and protection.
A springy and multipurpose running shoe. Capable not only to offer a great feeling on the cemented paths but also besides the road. The steadfast Agility Peak Flex is able to handle a diversity of surfaces but clearly has the strong points on trails and uneven surfaces.
Details matter – I pretty fine little element I like are the blue bands that support the lacing and ensure that the foot stays comfortable and secure.
The so-called FLEXconnect technology is hard to oversee and the fundament of this shoe. A proper lateral and vertical support sole that bids plentiful of sufficient and reactive cushioning while on the move. Even though there is quite some foam between yourself and the ground the feel is great. Flexibility is key and the three-component structure of EVA-foam layers within the FLEXconnect structure delivers just that. I enjoyed the added cushion on longer runs and treasured the feel for the ground once it got tricky. Even though there is so much sole crammed between the earth and the feet. 
Another detail shot that features the fancy Omni-Fit system to provide a precise glove-like fit.
Front end of a comfortable yet forceful shoe.
630 grams (pair) is not much for a shoe with this much cushioning. In addition the design is somewhat slick and singular.
A pleasant feature that generates a comfortable feeling is the thin one-piece TPU overlay as well as the skinny tongue. Together with the heel counter and the sock-like structure of the framework, the heel lock-down feels great and makes sure that the feet are steady on technical territory. 
Nothing new: A forceful outsole design is the key factor for a blameless trail running shoe. Merrell calls their outsole “M Select Grip+”. It contains robust and well located rubber lugs that I liked while hammering some challenging paths in damp or in dry conditions. The design of the sole is a great addition to the flexible sole. For a bulky shoe the Agility Peak Flex creates a safe feeling and plenty of traction. 
Specifics – Heel 27mm, Forefoot 21mm, Drop 6mm
Your heel is protected with the so called Hyperlock system.
The Agility Peak Flex is the forefront of the company’s tactics to further enlarge its assortment of trail focused shoes. Merrell adds to the present style that realises more cushion inside lighter shoes. Minimal running seems to be out of fashion and the company understood fast what the market asks for and created the Agility Peak Flex as the novel collections Gallions figure.

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