Following my unexpectedly encouraging encounter with the gigantic swifter that goes by the name of Huaka, I was more then stoked when I received the up-to-the-minute model of yet another Hoka OneOne making. Whereas the Huaka stunned me with its bizarre lightness, the latest reconstruction of the Clifton model was another shocker when I unwrapped the parcel and felt the product.

Enjoy the light ride.

A low heel-toe offset paired with some cushion makes up for pretty epic 230 grams.

With its nimble 235 gram, the latest Clifton 2 can certainly be placed in the so-called “lightweight” rank. Characteristically with this evident hulking product the appearance does not emphasize the weightlessness. I went through all the Hoka OneOne beliefs in my analysis of the Huaka so I will safe you another epic rundown on the typical brand look. Certainly it is a smart marketing hoax, as I have never had more debates about a shoe than I had with this one. No other shoe made friends and strangers more questioning. No other time I have seen folks more enthralled when they lift up an enormous chunk of foam in size 13. People think they are going to lift somewhat weighty.

The Clifton 2 carries over the same midsole and outsole from its older brother.

Ultra-Lightweight No-Sew Speed Frame Construction

As the original Clifton received positive feedback along all assays I came across plus Running Warehouse identified it as their top selling shoe in 2014, the update of such a success story shaped high expectations. I never jogged the Clifton so I cannot relate my experiences with this shoe to the former model. Nonetheless I saw the Clifton in the shops and therefore remembered the look. The first big change I noticed was the upper material. With version two the Clifton received a much required renovate. Present the Clifton 2 is looks generally enhanced, durable and firm. While it seems to be a bit stiff and inflexible I never had any issues. Unlike the Huaka the sole is a thicker and does not consist of a squeaky, reedy neoprene tongue. I like the latest tongue more as it adds to the general comfort without being too fluffy. The tongue adds to the general comfy sensation of this shoe.

The base for a smooth and soft ride.

 Geometry: Offset: 5 mm – Forefoot: 24 mm – Heel: 29 mm

Exposed CMEVA foam with strategically placed harder rubber zones

 Understandably the sole is the heart of every running shoe. Amid Hoka OneOne goods it is even more identifiable. The distinctive oversize full-length CMEVA foam midsole paired with the meta-rocker geometry is the centre of attention. Until now I ran more then 200 training kilometres in the Clifton 2 and still the shoe surprises me. While the sole offers much cushion it still gives you a great control and feel. No matter if you are a forefoot striker or middle, I found the shoe to be dynamic and direct. Note that this shoe is made for a neutral pronation. Additional midfoot overlays create a stable yet responsive feeling. Its fun to run the shoe and the feeling of running fast in such a cushioned shoe is unmatched in my running career. I have never had such a distinctive and dynamic feel. Finishing a long run with relaxed calves is pretty interesting. While the sole structure I a cleverly made, the outsole seems not to have the best durability. Although the upper is spot on and unimpressed by all the training, the wear of the sole is clearly visible. Though there is no harm or change to the responsiveness of the shoe, it could be an issue for some runners. As I run the shoe mostly during road workouts I have no issues with the loose of sole material.

And yet another time Hoka got me as I fully dig the lightweight, comfort and the high-mileage performance of the Clifton 2.