Here we go with yet another round of tacky Hoka One One’s. Latest appraisals of the Huaka and the Clifton 2 models saw remarkable performances of these bulky runners. With their latest Karl Melzter (US Ultra Running icon) inspired off-road model Speedgoat, the busy brand provides a shoe devoted to rough and non-paved settings. Precisely this piece of footwear is the third style of the earlier Rapa Nui model.

Whereas Hoka One One is already extremely popular with the trail racing community they want to even extend this segment of the market. So here we go with “a tough shoe to get you through tough trail conditions”, as the official Hoka One One description publically states.

Again, similar to the models I experienced before, this shoe is miraculously light for its proportions and the general, bulky and hefty impression. The colossal foam midsole provides generous cushioning and makes clear what this shoe is made for. You can feel straight away that the Speedgoat is made for high volume. This shoe will carry you along a lot of miles with its massive chunk of cushion. 

Like experienced before, the cushioning of the sole is pretty soft. But compared to the other models I ran before it feels particularly sloppy and doesn’t transport a direct and active feeling while striding. This created a jerky touch while running quicker or along technical and uneven terrain. Particularly in the forefoot area this shoe doesn’t transport the vibrant feeling I exceedingly enjoyed with the Clifton 2. Having this shaky touch, it generated a nervous mood. Especially in the surroundings this shoe was principally made for.

On flat, non-technical terrain I had no problem but along technical paths I had some tricky encounters due to a flabby performance of the sole construction. However I felt a pretty decent spring around the midsole part. Still not as good as the other comparable models I ran before. Also the slack, slow feeling stayed while running on tarmac. For me it was hard to get “speed” out of this shoe, as there is quite some responsiveness in the sole. It just does not feel agile as its Hoka comrades.

A particularly cushioned shoe at very low weight. This time with a completely lugged, sizable outsole. The off-road style in the newest Hoka One One range.

      Raw Data – Offset: 5 mm, Forefoot: 33 mm, Heel: 28 mm

The Speedgoat is constructed to be softer, more comfy while running on trails and across rugged terrain. It does miss the special style I value with other Hoka models I ran so far.

With 275 grams this shoe is amazingly light.

Pleasant details on the thin insole.

Runners love or hate the unusual stylishness Hoka offers. After loads of upbeat encounters with the style this is the first model that I do not completely dig. I’m looking forward to what the Speedgoat 2 has to offer!

It takes some miles before the flashy upper feels undemanding and pleasant. 

A rigid rubber tooth-like outsole is not made for road runs. The grip during dry conditions along the trail is great though!

Each image: © RUNssel

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