Since I had a go with the Feline Superlight
 I’m keen to know more about Dynafit’s running goods. This time I got the chance to take their latest model for a ride – the Pantera! Dynafit needs no introduction. Check my previous examination of the Feline to find out more about the Austrian outdoor brand.

As you clearly see in the photographs, the heavy protected model is made for the longer distances. There is not much symptom of minimalism with this shoe- for a reason. The hip phrasing “Ultra Trail” is the key word in the official explanation on their website. Generally that is not somewhat that really gets me fired up. I want the shoe to be light and simple. Examining the shoe closer I like the quality of the making and the general appearance and finish.

Just straight away you sense the pad and the cosiness. Yet the energetic is not lost. Something that keeps on striking me while running with the Pantera. The sensation is a bit sluggish caused by the protection but still you feel the urge to move reckless. An active stride is reinforced. Not normal for a heavy shoe like this.

Additional motivating piece is the “special sole construction of two continuous EVA units – Duo-Motion “. It is pretty noticeable the first time you take this shoe on a proper off-road track. The sensitivity for the ground is there but the reply from the sole scheme isn’t. The control could certainly be improved. While having an aggressive sole it lacks the grip, particularly when it’s getting rock-strewn and misty. It seems that the spikes have the appropriate length but they are too close together. While I stumble on some uphill’s I have to say that the downhill part was way better. Great traction and control here. Kinda bizarre.

Lets have a quick scan through the features:

  • Bursting 8 mm (height difference between the midsole heel / forefoot)

A bit much for my likes. However it feels good and makes up for a mighty stride.

  • Ballsistic bumper protects your toes room to impacts on rocky trails and increases the longevity of the shoe

I cannot justice the durability but the rest is decent. I had some severe impacts while running downhill. The shoe always responded flawlessly.

  • Fitted shape, Forefoot from bi-elastic mesh material adapts when the feet swell during the run, good maintenance of the midfoot inextensible by integration into the lacing system

While I haven’t run this shoe in an Ultra distance event it is still on of the key features to me. The mesh material feels just great and makes it fun to run that shoe.

  • Vibram ® outsole compound mapping from a stepped rubber compound with Claw profile for maximum performance in mixed terrain

As said above. While the material is great, the actual design of the sole is not properly thought out.